Candle by Wyck Bergamot, Strawberry & Wild Mint

Candle by Wyck Bergamot, Strawberry & Wild Mint

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Bergamot, Strawberry & Wild Mint

There’s a lot happening in this fresh, sweet, citrusy fragrance! 

Bergamot has a light, fruity and floral fragrance with a fresh, sweet citrus twist.  We combine this with a distinctive blend of ripe strawberries, raspberries and just a hint of rose, whilst a multitude of base and mid notes give warmth and depth.  Finally, wild mint and leafy green notes give this candle an invigorating and crisp finish.

Wyck Décor Pillar & Votive Candles are all made with natural plant wax and pure cotton wicks.  The pillar candles are wrapped in handmade Japanese Chiyogami paper.

Burn time is approximately 75 hours.