NIna's Bees Irritated and Inflammed Skin Balm

NIna's Bees Irritated and Inflammed Skin Balm

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All Natural Soothing Balm for Inflamed and Irritated Skin with Beeswax and Siberian Cedar


Nina’s Bees Soothing Balm for Inflamed and Irritated skin is lovingly handcrafted at a boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains, using only the finest organic and/or cold pressed oils and our beeswax. This rich, 100% pure botanical & beeswax balm provides a long lasting nourishment and protection.


Healing oils give an instant relieve to inflamed and irritated skin, by nourishing and moisturizing it. Natural beeswax forms a light breathable protective layer on your skin, while locking in the healing oils.

Scoop a pea size amount of the balm from the tin, rub it gently between your hands to warm it up and apply onto the dry, inflamed, irritated patches. It is safe to use the balm all over the body. Best applied right after the bath or wash. I recommend to reapply a few times during the day for a consistent number of days for visible results.

SIZE: 60g

Organic Calendula AND Chickweed infused Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nina’s Beeswax, Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, Cold Pressed Siberian Cedar Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Castor Oil, natural Vitamine E, Seeweed, Organic Sweet Orange and Lavender Essential Oils

As with all skincare products, I recommend patch testing the balm prior to use.

Nina’s Bees Restoring Balm is 100% natural, with no stabilizers or artificial fillers. Therefor it reacts naturally to the ambient temperature: it melts at > 35C and hardens at < 20C. If it is too hot, please cool it down ( in a cool, dry place), if it is too cold, please warm it up ( in your hands or on your skin).